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Book One:  “An Introduction to Kaizen-durance: Hacking Your Performance Potential at Any Age”

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“Zenman” after swimming all 5 events at Swim Expo Asia,  Singapore

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Book One in the series “Kaizen-durance, Your Aerobic Path to Mastery” connects you with your innate wisdom as an endurance athlete.  It guides you to expand your training focus beyond aerobic capacity, to successfully cultivate the wisdom and mastery of the lifetime athlete.  That wisdom is your Kinetic Intelligence.

Far more potent than your athletic accolades: You can use your endurance training to develop and strengthen kaizen skills to pursue mastery and to experience brilliance in every area of your life.

Maximize return on your aerobic investment with this Introduction to Kaizen-durance.

  • Read a sample from Book One here.  
  • Read a synopsis for each book here.

Complete Book Series:

  • Book 1: An Introduction to Kaizen-durance: Hacking Your Performance Potential at Any Age
  • Book 2: A Guide to Neural Fitness: The Foundation for KI
  • Book 3: Mindfulness Skills Training for Endurance Athletes
  • Book 4: A Guide to Neural Training: Building KI in Your Daily Workouts
  • Book 5: A Guide to Triangulating Awareness: Your GPS for Life
  • Book 6: Flow State: The Ultimate Hack for Mastery

Read a synopsis for each book here.

About the Author

Shane Eversfield of Ithaca, sets off on the bike while competing in the intermediate distance race Sunday morning at the Cayuga Lake Triathlon at Taughannock Falls State Park.

With a degree in Modern Dance and 40 years of deep practice in T’ai Chi, author Shane Eversfield (a.k.a. “Zenman”) began applying his “kinetic intelligence” to triathlon while living in Kona, Hawaii in November, 1998. Hawaii Ironman 1999 was his third triathlon. As an athlete, author, educator, artist and coach, he has earned the respect of many endurance athletes and coaches the world over.

Eversfield is a Total Immersion Swim Master Coach (one of ten worldwide). He founded and developed the methodology and content for Zendurance Cycling – endorsed by ChiRunning Founder Danny Dreyer, and Total Immersion Swim Founder Terry Laughlin. He teaches over 200 classes and clinics every year in swimming, cycling, running and Kaizen Skills for Athletes. He has trained and educated coaches and athletes in the US, Europe and Asia.

Now 60 years young, he continues his personal Kaizen path and the cultivation of kinetic intelligence. He completes multi-day triathlons and ultra running events each year and continues to quietly slip past his perceived limits. Zenman regards himself as a modern-day traditional martial artist – deeply committed to the craft of mindful movement – rather than an as athlete.

He lives, trains and teaches extensively in Ithaca, New York.  It was here, June 2017, that he completed his latest multi-day ultra:

 “Moving Beyond ALS: Kaizen-durance 500”:

  • 12-Mile Swim: In a 25-yard pool at Island Health and Fitness
  • 400-Mile Bike: On a 5K loop in Cass Park
  • 88-Mile Run: On a 1.7K loop in Cass Park
  • $8700 Raised for ALS Association
  • 99 Hours and 500 Miles “In the Squirrel Cage” 
  • Why “Squirrel Cage”? The closed-circuit short course simulates what it must experience the debilitating entrapment of ALS.  It also reduced costs and logistics.
  • More Info? Visit Moving Beyond ALS Facebook Page


Shane is the Founder and C.E.W. at Kaizen-durance®: Chief Endurance Whisperer

Photo: Nearing the completion of the 400-mile bike leg for “Moving Beyond ALS”