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New Level 1 & 2 Programs Begin April 2023!

Shane Eversfield is a Total Immersion Master Coach. For the past 12 years he has offered year-round instruction at Island Health and Fitness, Ithaca, NY.  This facility includes a warm pool that we use for the Level 1 program, segments of Level 2, Senior Swim Lab, and for individual instruction.

Both Level 1 and 2 programs are now offered through 12 one-hour sessions, one per week.  (See the links below for dates and times.). Proof of vaccination required.

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Conventional masters’ swim programs emphasize aerobic training and effort – often with little regard for technique.  As aging athletes, this is a losing battle.  We are just “banging our heads against the aerobic wall”.  Shane flips this approach over – from Masters’ Swim to Swim Mastery.

The emphasis in Swim Mastery is a curious, mindful, intelligent approach to efficient swimming. Consider this:

  • Novice swimmers are 1-3% efficient (The rest of their energy is lost to the drag and resistance they cause moving through the water)
  • Elite swimmers are 9-10% efficient (That’s the Michael Phelp’s of the world)

That’s a very small point spread between the “guppies” and the “dolphins” of the human swimming spectrum.

If we can increase our efficiency by a single percentage point, we can experience profound increases in endurance and/or speed. If, instead, we focus only on pushing our aerobic limits in the water (the primary focus of most Master’s Swim programs), the results will be marginal.

Shane prefaces each Level 1 Swim Mastery Program with “I am not your coach. The water is your coach.” His role is to facilitate each swimmer to increase perceptive awareness of how s/he moves through the water. “Your lucid sensations provide you with all the guidance you need. When you team those lucid sensations with the ‘skillful means’ of your mind you possess the ultimate navigational skills to develop your optimal technique – for your goals and your ability.”

As a Total Immersion Swim Master Coach, Shane Eversfield constantly refines and evolves the methodology for Total Immersion through his locally-based Swim Mastery Programs. These methods are then implemented world-wide in the Total Immersion Coach Network.

Specifics about each course:

Level 1 & 2 Format and Information

Each of these programs consists of one 90-minute session per week. (Senior Swim Lab: 60 minutes.)  Class sizes range from 6 to 12 20170918_191318.jpgswimmers. In addition, Swim Mastery Coach Shane Eversfield emails a detailed summary after each session with suggestions on what and how to practice before the next session. He frequently records (and then emails) short videos of each swimmer, with commentary.

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