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“Kaizen-durance, Your Aerobic Path to Mastery” Six-Book Series

This book series presents a profound paradigm shift for endurance athletes and coaches. Current science, coaching and training methods focus on slowing the inevitable decline of aerobic capacity. (That’s a diminishing resource for each and every one of us.) Very few in the global endurance athletic community are tapping into and developing the most promising resource that is infinitely available to every one us – regardless of age, genetics, education, etc.
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Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide

A comprehensive method for studying road and triathlon cycling technique, this guide integrates text, video and audio guides into one seamless package.

“With the long awaited release of the Zendurance Cycling program Shane Alton Eversfield has completed a trinity that should be sacred to any serious multisport athlete. What began with Total Immersion (TI) swimming and ChiRunning (CR) is now made whole with the arrival odvd-copy-artf Zendurance Cycling.” – David Wilburn, Certified Senior Instructor ChiRunning & ChiWalking

“When I began my running experience 13 years ago, I started by reading Arthur Lydiard. Now, beginning my cycling adventure, I feel fortunate to have found Shane Eversfield’s Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide.” – Katie Aldridge: Elite marathoner and author

This product is divided and sold in two parts exclusively through iTunes.  Use this link to go to iTunes for Part 1. You will see a link there for Part 2.

T’ai Chi For Athletes DVD

“My daily practice of T’ai Chi over the past 40 years is vital to my craft as an endurance athlete. T’ai Chi is unsurpassed for developing and refining the neurological strength and intelligence that are essential for kinesthetic (motion) and proprioceptive (position) perception. Developing these two types of perception is like having a built-in video analysis feedback system. As an ultra-endurance athlete, it is vital that every dvd7_1stroke and stride I produce be economical, efficient and graceful. The results of this quest for effortless power through perfect technique are increased endurance and speed, minimal injuries, as well as rapid recovery – even after ultra-endurance events. I offer ‘T’ai Chi for Athletes’ to provide you with the same benefits.”  – Shane Eversfield

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Dry-Land Swim Drills eBook & Videos

Terry Laughlin and I, as well as many TI Master Coaches, have discovered that teaching/learning correct shoulder and scapular articulation can significantly accelerate the process of mastering efficient, effective and enduring swim technique while diminishing the risk of injury.

Like the martial arts, TI Swimming movements are sourced from your pelvic core – specifically your Don Tien – as it is known in T’ai Chi. All bio-mechanically efficient movements start deep in the center of your body.
Mastering the scapular and shoulder articulation in all phases of the freestyle swim stroke assures the correct mediation between your powerful pelvic core and your more delicate extremities.

Now you are swimming with your core, not your hands! This is the key to efficiency and endurance.

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