Kaizen Skills: Fitness for Your Life


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“If you are depressed, you are living in the past.

If you are anxious, you are living in the future.

If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” – Lao Tzu (circa. 510 B.C.)

All forms of endurance-based exercise are sensory immersive experiences.  Beyond maintaining physical health, consistent and mindful exercise is an effective empowering path to harmony, ease and brilliance for our lives.


“Shane Eversfield, I love this kaizen mindset!”
– Wayne Kurtz, Triple-Deca Iron Triathlon Finisher (30 Ironmans in 30 days)

Mindfulness is mind fitness.  Mind fitness is the foundation of mastery.  Kaizen-durance empowers people of all ages and physical abilities to use endurance-based exercise as a viable practice for developing and strengthening mind fitness to pursue mastery in every area of your life.

To live healthy, master the Fitness Cycle. It has three phases: Stress, recovery, adaptation.  All growth occurs through this cycle – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.  

Like it or not, stress is the vector for growth.  We pursue mastery by developing a healthy relationship with stress.  

Problem:  “I can’t recover from stress.  My health is compromised.”

Solution: Transform your relationship with stress.  Kaizen-durance empowers you to do this.

Exercise encourages us to Be Here Now.  Truthfully, there is no place else you can be but here and now.  Mind fitness is your capacity to invest and engage all facets of your attention with what is arising here and now.  

Striving for brilliance?  Brilliance requires multi-faceted attention – mind fitness.

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Make 2019 Your Year for Mastery

As you exercise and train, do more than “hit the numbers”:  You have the opportunity to develop and exercise your most promising and infinite resource as a human being as. This resource is free and inalienable for all. Use this resource to heal and empower yourself, in sport and in life.  This won’t require any more of your time.

Finesse is stronger than force.  – Zenman

Maximize return on your aerobic investment.  When we approach the repetition of endurance-based exercise as a practice of mindful movement, our exercise doubles for both physical fitness and mind fitness.  Fitness for your life.

Beginning March-April 2019:

Kaizen Skills: Fitness for Life

An Introductory Six-Session Course

A cutting-edge, breakthrough course for athletes and exercisers of all levels.


  • Six 2-hour sessions: Dates and times TBD

Offered by Shane Eversfield, founder of Kaizen-durance

2019 is your year for life fitness and mastery:

  • Be alert, inspired, engaged in every moment
  • Go faster and farther
  • Use less energy
  • Recover faster
  • Reduce injury, burnout and boredom

Hack Your Performance Potential at Any Age

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Course Facilitator:

Shane “Zenman” Eversfield, Founder and C.E.W.* of Kaizen-durance® has identified, investigated and extensively “field-tested” these kaizen skills – as an ultra endurance athlete, as an athletic educator and as a functional, engaged human being.   

(* Chief Endurance Whisperer)

Zenman has taught thousands of clinics, and trained coaches in the US, Europe and Asia.  As a kaizen athlete, he has completed several ultra endurance events including double and triple irons and 100-mile runs.  In 2016, he completed the Kaizen-durance 500 “Moving Beyond A.L.S.”:

  • 12-Mile Swim
  • 400-Mile Bike
  • 88-Mile Run
  • 99 hours
  • $9000 raised for ALS Foundation

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