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Maximize Return on Your Aerobic Investment

  • Why do you train and race? 
  • Are you a slave to the watch and the metrics of power and pace?  Are you lost without them?
  • Are you dissatisfied with your times and slowing with age? 
  • Have you lost sight of the journey and forgotten that swimming, biking and running – activities from childhood – are supposed to be fun with the added benefit of improved mental and physical health? 

From Andrew Getzin MD, Head Team Physician USA triathlon:

“Shane Eversfield’s new Kaizen-durance book series may be the elixir you need.  Shane draws upon his background as a modern dancer, ultra-endurance triathlete and his 40-plus years of deep T’ai Chi practice to share his Zen wisdom with the reader.  Kaizen-Durance guides the endurance athlete to focus not just on “hitting the numbers”, but on what is happening HERE and NOW – in your body. 

“He explains the vast potential of neural training to connect the brain with the intelligence of the body – a phenomenon he calls “Kinetic Intelligence”, truly the wisdom of the aging athlete.   With KI, we can move through the water and over land more efficiently.  Readers discover that kinetic intelligence is the awareness and the skill to occupy and animate our bodies with precision, grace and ease.  His book is more than just concepts.  Shane provides mindfulness exercises that will help you develop your kinetic intelligence.

“The insights, techniques and exercises are applicable to the elite triathlete, the middle of the pack racer, and for all of us who seek to maximize return on our aerobic investment for healthy functional and fulfilling lives.   And they are compatible with any conventional training program.

“The injury rate among runners is up to 70% per year.  With Kaizen-Durance, we can foster a body-mind union to increase awareness of every stride, every stroke, and thereby potentially decrease injury rate.  I recommend Shane’s series of six books to anyone open-minded enough to explore new ways to approach our passion for endurance,  for anyone who wants to grow as a triathlete or recreational exerciser and as a whole person. 

“Book One, “An Introduction to Kaizen-durance, Your Aerobic Path to Mastery” opens the door to celebrate aging as the acquisition of wisdom rather than the decline of aerobic fitness.   As Shane says, ‘It’s not mind over matter, it’s mind IN matter.  Finesse is stronger than force.'”

Andrew Getzin, MD
Clinical Director of Sports Medicine and Athletic Performance
Cayuga Medical Center
Ithaca, NY
Head Team Physician USA triathlon

Excellent Introduction to Efficient Movement From a Kinetic Master
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shane as an athlete and as a physical therapist treating endurance athletes for many years, so I am familiar with his approach to mindful movement. We share some common ideas about this concept, so I was excited to see his book project come to fruition. I was hopeful that he would be able to share his wealth of knowledge in an accessible and inviting way, and he does this skillfully.
Shane’s understanding of “kinetic intelligence” is outstanding, but what he also does quite well with this first installment is to lay the foundation for the reader interested in perfecting their own practice of efficient movement. The writing is insightful and approachable, and the “PAGES” are a weapon in the arsenal of any athlete.
Everybody benefits from “being HERE now”. If you’re interested in becoming better at what you do as an athlete, this book will help you get there by learning how to be “HERE” every step or stroke of the way. – Brian Lee, PT, OCS, CSCS


“Finesse is Stronger Than Force:

Though I highly value physicality, I’ve always had an aversion to the competitiveness and egoistic nature of most sports.  Meeting Shane was a breath of fresh air.  Here was a guy whose formal education was in dance, practiced Tai Chi for decades, and had applied these principles to competing in ultra endurance races [now] into his 60s.  His approach to endurance sports is more of a mindfulness practice – more a form of yoga – than anything else. But its not all Eastern influenced woo woo. His approach is backed up by the latest scientific research in neurobiology and biomechanics and the man himself is living proof that this is a highly valid means to fitness at any age.

This book is a great summary of Shane’s method, what he calls “Kaizen-durance”.  It is a short, accessible, but potent description of how to use kinetic intelligence to improve in endurance sports; to avoid injury, be more at peace, to become an “artist”.  It contains a very appropriate balance of science, philosophy, and wisdom.

As more and more people look for alternatives to sedentary culture, sports like triathlon are becoming more popular every year. There are a lot of books that can assist people in this journey. But I believe this one is a unique, vital contribution that could help countless people, not just finish a race, but flourish in these sports AND in life.

If you aren’t fortunate to be able to train with this guy, this book is highly recommended.  – Brad Dingman, Recreational athlete

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