Master Coach

CLT StartAs a Master Coach for Total Immersion Swim, Shane Eversfield has trained and certified Total Immersion Swim coaches in the US, Europe and Asia. He has also led well over 1,000 clinics, workshops and private lessons around the US and internationally. He is one of the staff coaches for the Total Immersion Swim Studio.

Despite all of this “glamorous” travel, he prefers to teach locally in his community, and to develop long-term relationships. On average, he teaches 4-5 Swim Mastery group sessions each week in Ithaca, NY – his beloved hometown for the past 5 years. He loves the sense of community he feels there.

“My paradigm for the ‘winner’ at a race? The person who know the most athletes, volunteers and spectators at the event. I am a big winner every year at our local triathlons because I have engaged with hundreds of athletes of all ages and abilities through the Swim Mastery Program and the Zendurance Cycling Clinics. Yay!”