Hack your performance potential… at any age.


What is “Kaizen”?

A Japanese translation of the Chinese “Gai Shan”. Kaizen translates to English as “continuous lifetime improvement”.

OK… So What is “Kaizen-durance”?

Finesse is stronger than force:  Kaizen-durance is your aerobic path to mastery.

Using kaizen skills, we transform our daily endurance training sessions (and our races) into a deeper lifelong kaizen practice. On the surface your training may not appear to change. However, on a deeper level…

Here’s the Deal:  After the age of 25, we begin to lose 1% of VO2max every year.  Current endurance science, coaching and training methods focus narrowly on trying to slow the inevitable decline of aerobic capacity… while ignoring a far more promising resource.

Yes, there really is an alternative to the drudgery of “Banging your head against the aerobic wall”… day in and day out:

Kaizen Solution: Tap into and develop the most powerful resource that is infinitely available to you (and to each and every one us) regardless of your age, genetics, education or athletic ability: Train the fitness of your mind-body connection.

Kaizen-durance is founded on the fledgling science of neural fitness.  Neural fitness is the strength of your mind-body connection.  Neural fitness enables you to hack your performance potential at any age.

You can train and develop this mind-body connection as you continue to pursue aerobic fitness to…

“Maximize return on your aerobic investment… for a lifetime.”

Distinction: Kaizen-durance is not “mind over matter”. It is the discovery and cultivation of mind IN matter.  Shane Eversfield, founder of Kaizen-durance calls this “kinetic intelligence”.  He has devoted the past four decades to the study of neural fitness and its application to endurance sports.  (Scroll down to find out about his 2016 Kaizen-durance 500 ultra event.)

Caution: As a practice, Kaizen-durance is deep and systemic. It permeates well beyond athletic performance. Through your Kaizen-durance practice, you will also develop the skills to transform any form of stress in your daily life into a rich opportunity to build “life fitness”.

Every relationship, every task, every challenge in your life – from the most mundane to the most daunting – offers the opportunity to strengthen your life fitness. As you develop kaizen “navigational skills”, you will be compelled to embrace each moment as a life athlete.


Ready to Start?

Read Book One of the Six-Book Kaizen-durance Series:

Book One: “An Introduction to Kaizen-durance: Hacking Your Performance Potential at Any Age”.  Find out more about the book series and how to order Book One here.

Mission Statement

Kaizen-durance facilitates endurance athletes of all ages and abilities to identify, develop and engage effective “navigational skills” of mindfulness to pursue mastery and brilliance in training, competition and in everyday life experiences – from the most mundane to the most challenging.


Group Fitness Classes at Island Health and Fitness:

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2016 Highlight:

Moving Beyond A.L.S. Kaizen-durance 500:

  • “Five Days, 500 Miles, One Cause, One Kaizen Man”
  • 15-19 June, 2017
  • 12-mile swim, 400-mile bike, 88-mile “run”
  • 99 hours
  • $8700 raised for A.L.S. Association

Video Shorts: Why?: Video 1Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5

WRFI Radio Interview: Hear Shane’s post-event interview

Tompkins County Weekly:  Newspaper recap of the event