Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide

A comprehensive method for studying road and triathlon cycling technique, this guide integrates text, video and audio guides into one seamless package.

“With the long awaited release of the Zendurance Cycling program Shane Alton Eversfield has completed a trinity that should be sacred to any serious multisport athlete. What began with Total Immersion (TI) swimming and ChiRunning (CR) is now made whole with the arrival odvd-copy-artf Zendurance Cycling.” – David Wilburn, Certified Senior Instructor ChiRunning & ChiWalking

“When I began my running experience 13 years ago, I started by reading Arthur Lydiard. Now, beginning my cycling adventure, I feel fortunate to have found Shane Eversfield’s Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide.” – Katie Aldridge: Elite marathoner and author

The guide is divided and sold in two parts exclusively through iTunes: