8-Week Level 1

New 8-Week Level 1 Begins Monday, 26 February, 7:00-8:30 PM

Ease: The emphasis in Level 1 begins with an intensive investigation and refinement of balance and hydrodynamics: The most effective way to increase speed and endurance, and to reduce exertion in the water is to decrease drag. Therefore, we begin by developing our ultimate “streamlined, hydrodynamic vessel”. This vessel enables us to glide through the water and maintain balance.

To enhance your feeling of ease, we use the Warm Pool extensively for instruction.

Discovery:  Adding to this, we work (actually we play) with drills and focal points (both dry-land and in the pool) that empower us to use gravity as the primary means of propulsion. Shane calls this “Effortless Power”.   (Sure beats pulling, kicking and screaming, huh?) We also introduce the basic principles of integrating breathing with an efficient freestyle swim technique.

At the conclusion of Level 1, swimmers are at ease in the water and have neurally imprinted an efficient technique that empowers them to swim at a relaxed and aerobically sustainable pace – either with pauses or continuously. (Balanced, hydrodynamic and with gravity-sourced propulsion.) Some are able to completely integrate this technique with breathing, some are still in the process.

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