Book 1

An Introduction to Kaizen-durance: Hacking Your Performance Potential at Any Age

Book One in the series “Kaizen-durance, Your Aerobic Path to Mastery” connects you with your innate wisdom as an endurance athlete.  It guides you to expand your training focus beyond aerobic capacity so you can “hack” your performance potential at any age without “banging your head against the Aerobic Wall”. 

So, what is the secret behind this hack?  Shane “Zenman” Eversfield, founder of Kaizen-durance, and author of this book series calls it “kinetic intelligence”.

Kaizen-durance is founded on the fledgling science of neural fitness.  Neural fitness is the strength of your mind-body connection.  Neural fitness enables you to hack your performance potential at any age.

Finesse is stronger than force.  Through Kaizen-durance, you can successfully cultivate the wisdom and mastery of the lifetime athlete.  That wisdom is your Kinetic Intelligence – “K I”

Far more potent than your athletic accolades: You can also use your endurance training to develop and strengthen kaizen skills to pursue mastery and to experience brilliance in every area of your life.

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