Become a “Silver Swimmer”: Join us for Senior Swim Lab

Senior Swim Lab has been suspended since March 2020

Shane has just concluded 18 months with the CMC Covid Response Team and hopes to return soon…

Island Health and Fitness

Men in swimming pool

Please join us!!  You are welcome to participate with us in the Warm Pool, or observe from the pool deck.


 This program has been such a supportive, positive experience. I’m gaining confidence while I’m enjoying moving in the water.  – Tatiana
I LOVE being in the water.  This Swim Lab has given me the confidence and ease I’ve needed to not be afraid to at least try [swimming].  And I’m indeed, trying and learning, with the help of our swim master, Shane.  I can stroke now without panic.  And every practice at it gives me more confidence.  I leave every class feeling accomplished.  I love it. – Patty

What: An empowering one-hour session of hands-on instruction and creative practice in a warm pool.  Learn at your own pace.  We gently and patiently explore:

  • Ease, balance and relaxation in the water
  • Elements of efficient freestyle (crawl) and breaststroke swim technique
  • Enjoy learning at your pace
  • Breathing
  • Sustainability

In this playful environment, we interact with one another, teaching and encouraging one another under the guidance of Total Immersion Swim Master Coach Shane Eversfield.

ti pose
Shane Eversfield “leading” a Total Immersion Coach Training

Who:  This is a fun, safe and educational environment for seniors who want to be comfortable in the water, learn how to swim, or improve their current technique.  Regardless of current skill, expect to increase your level of enjoyment and engagement.  We welcome:

  • Beginners new to swimming
  • Novice swimmers who have some experience but still struggle
  • Recreational swimmers who want to refine their technique and sustainability
  • Veteran swimmers who want to refine their efficiency, and desire to share their enjoyment with others

If I had known swimming could possibly be this enjoyable and rewarding, I would have found a way to learn decades ago! Of course, I can’t undo my past, but thanks to the Senior Swim Lab in my present, my future will be filled with the frequent joy of swimming for fitness, fellowship, and fun. Now a youthful 65, I’m totally comfortable in the water after having literally started from square one just a few short months ago! The phenomenal Shane Eversfield first talked with me about “a relationship with the water“ then, importantly taught me how to develop it. Now, with his continued encouragement, and that of a supportive group of fellow seniors in the pool, I’m making great progress. Our Senior Swim Lab session is always one of the major highlights of my week! – Cal



  • $12/class (both Island members and non-members) payable at the Front Desk at Island (This is the cost of a day pass to Island for non-members)