Book 2

A Guide to Neural Fitness: The Foundation for KI

Book Two in the series “Kaizen-durance, Your Aerobic Path to Mastery” explores a radical breakthrough beyond our current focus on metabolic capacity as the basis for endurance fitness and performance. 

For decades, exercise physiology researchers have honed the science of metabolic training (also known as aerobic system training) to precise methods and mathematical formulas that can be implemented for peak performance.  So, why do we need to expand beyond this expertise if we want to hack personal performance potential?

Metabolic capacity diminishes with age.  It’s a losing battle, no matter how vigilant and disciplined we are!  After the age of 25, VO2max declines each year.  Our typical response?  Push back!!  Resist that decline!!  Author Shane Eversfield calls this “Banging your head against the Aerobic Wall”.  Where is the satisfaction or the sanity in that?

Book Two boldly explores a potential of exercise physiology that has seen very little scientific attention at all – the fledgling science of neural fitness.  Eversfield has devoted the past four decades to the study of neural fitness and its application to endurance sports.  Training neural fitness is the secret to a successful “Kinetic Intelligence Hack”. 

If there is so much promise in neural fitness, why has it been ignored for so long?  Conventional science does not yet know how to measure and quantify neural activity and fitness.  It’s still a mystery!!  Undeterred by this quandary, Eversfield has conducted decades of intensive personal exploration and sensation-based research, that he presents in Kaizen-durance Book Two, “Neural Fitness: Foundation of the K I Hack”. 

Discover for the first time how your neural system empowers your endurance fitness so you can hack your personal performance potential.  Neural training goes beyond the conventional endurance methods of body conditioning.  The essence of the KI Hack is body-mind training.  Forget the old adage “mind over matter”.  Mastery and brilliance arise through “mind IN matter”.

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