Swim Mastery Level 2

The Next 8-Week Level 2 Program

Date and Time TBD

Dates for all 8 sessions:

  • TBD

Registration: Front Desk at Island Health and Fitness: 607.277.3861


Level 2:  It’s all about sustainability:

We continue to focus on integrating breathing technique with efficient swimming technique. (Shane encourages proficiency at bilateral breathing as well.)  We also use a new set of drills in the Warm Pool to:

  • Improve our gravity-sourced propulsion and enhance that propulsion with an in-depth study of the 2-beat kick.
  • Explore the illusive “Grip and Press” to optimize leverage of the water without sacrificing balance and hydrodynamics.

We also experiment with sustainable breathing patterns, and learn to use perceived rate of exertion as a gauge for sustainable pacing.

Each swimmer also begins to refine her/his stroke length and stroke cadence for sustainability.

Please check out testimonials from a diversity of past “graduates”.

Class fee: IHF Members: $160, Non-members: $180

To register: Front Desk at Island Health and Fitness: 607.277.3861

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