Kaizen Swim 8-Session Program

Begins 05 April

After completing Swim Mastery Levels 1&2, many swimmers elect to continue on. They enjoy the essence of “Pursuing Mastery”: Relentlessly challenging their perceptive abilities to continuously improve. There is no finish line, no fixation on goals. Instead, kaizen swimmers focus on crafting each stroke, just as an accomplished painter or musician patiently crafts each brush stroke, or each note.

Our focus continues to be efficient technique through highly perceptive kinetic intelligence.

We may focus on any aspect of technique – from the fundamental hydrodynamic vessel, to the more illusive Grip and Press. We also swim a variety of sets and tasks using perception, stroke length, cadence and distance and the parameters.

Expect to swim about 1600-2000 yards, usually in 100-300 yard segments, each with specific focal points or tasks.

Wednesday Evenings 5:30-6:30, EIGHT Sessions, Begins 05 April

$135 for IHF Members, $175 non-members

See Shane swim!