Book 4

A Guide to Neural Training: Building KI in Your Daily Workouts

Book Four in the series “Kaizen-durance, Your Aerobic Path to Mastery” delves into the specifics of structuring and executing neurally-based training for endurance athletes – at any age, at any fitness or experience level.  Neurally-based training sessions are the day-by-day process of hacking your athletic performance potential.  Practiced mindfully, the benefits of  neural training also crossover to affect and improve your function and performance in every area of life, including relationships and occupation. 

Through Kaizen-durance, we can transform aerobic fitness into life fitness.  Daily neural endurance training is the essence of our practice for lifelong improvement as athletes.  It is also effective to cultivate health, brilliance and versatility as human beings.

Books Two and Three have prepared us with these essentials for neural training:

  • Book Two provided us with an embodied physiological experience and practical comprehension of (the elements of and mechanisms for) neural fitness – including neural function and neural strength
  • Book Three explored specific mindfulness skills and offered guidance for training and developing these vital skills.  (Given that neural function is a fusion of body and mind, these mindfulness skills are essential.  A strong body is ineffective when it is wired to an untrained mind.)

We don’t need to ignore or compromise conventional metabolic training to embrace and implement neural training.  These two processes can be compatible, even as our focus changes to prioritize neural training over metabolic.  For both approaches, the training objectives are still endurance, strength and speed.  We can structure sessions that will improve both metabolic and neural fitness simultaneously.  However, when we target neural training, we also accelerate kinetic intelligence.

In this book, Zenman shares his decades of experience with neural training and highly efficient technique: Go farther and faster with less energy, less risk of injury, faster recovery and more enjoyment.  Neural training is the endurance hack.

He offers guidelines for designing and structuring neural training sessions to focus on endurance, strength, speed, recovery, and kinetic intelligence.  This book includes drills and exercises to improve neuromuscular function and performance for swim, bike and run.  It is important to note that Books 2 and 3 are vital pre-requisites to Book 4.

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