Kaizen-durance Triathlon Mastery Camps

 Finesse is Stronger Than Force:

 To hack your performance potential,

focus on “PAGES” technique: 

  • Precision
  • Alignment
  • Grace
  • Efficiency
  • Seamlessness




Why Kaizen-durance Triathlon Mastery Camps?

Appropriate for novice and competitive triathletes alike,  these are not typical tri training camps that emphasize “boot camp” volume.  We conduct each training session (two per day, plus a classroom orientation each morning) as a patient, deliberate and intensive “laboratory investigation”, exploring the fledgling science of neural fitness to quickly improve PAGES swim, bike and run technique through the Four Vectors of Kaizen-durance Mastery.

Upcoming 4-Day Camps:

April 2019: Tucson, AZ (Dates TBD)

October 2019: Tuscany, Italy (Dates TBD)

For more info on these two camps, email Shane.

Our Coaches

All camps are led by Shane “Zenman” Eversfield, Founder of Kaizen-durance and Zendurance Cycling, and a Total Immersion Master Coach.  Shane has taught and coached at triathlon camps with Terry Laughlin, Mark Allen, Bobby McGee, Gwen Jorgensen, Bob Seebohar and many other notables in the endurance arena.

Our coaching staff for upcoming 2018 camps include world-renowned ultra-runner and long-time coach Lisa Smith-Batchen,  Open Water Swim Specialist Mat Hudson, and USAT Coach and Event Director Dennis Mohagen.


Cycling Clinic in Colo
Cycling session at Triathlon Mastery Camp, Boulder, CO

In a single word: Efficiency:  

  • Go farther and faster
  • Use less energy
  • Decrease your risk of injury
  • Recover faster
  • Experience a much higher level of engagement

Our focus is on core-based and gravity-sourced propulsion for all three sports.  To learn more about efficiency for swim, bike and run: watch this video – a roundtable discussion between Terry Laughlin (Total Immersion), Danny Dreyer (Chi Running) and Shane Eversfield (Zendurance Cycling)

Shane training TI Coaches in Singapore

Pursuing Mastery Through PAGES

There are Four Vectors of Kaizen-durance Mastery embedded in every session that will empower you to be more “PAGES”:

  • Mindfulness: Your Key to Brilliance
  • Neural Training: Getting Beyond the Aerobic Wall
  • Kinetic Intelligence: Wisdom for the Athlete
  • Alliance With Gravity: Effortless Power

Find out more about the Kaizen-durance Vectors

For each discipline, the training sessions include:

  • An investigative “laboratory” environment for rapid discovery and improvement
  • An emphasis on neural fitness, as well as metabolic fitness
  • Brief classroom orientation to identify the elements of efficient technique specific to each discipline
  • Unique drills – both in the studio and in the field – to improve your proprioception, biomechanics and efficiency
  • Technique focus – to improve performance, reduce injury and recovery time, and enhance your enjoyment of the daily endurance lifestyle
  • Video recording and analysis


Shane leading Zendurance Cycling session in Boulder, CO

How to Get Faster or Go Longer

Most of us believe that the only way to get faster or go longer is to exert more energy and tolerate more pain.  Kaizen-durance offers you an empowering alternative: Through the Four Vectors, we introduce you to the tools and skills that enable you to improve your peak performances and to enhance your daily training sessions through PAGES, for years to come

Make a simple change to the old adage “Mind over matter“:  Discover your aerobic path to mastery through…

Mind IN Matter


Find out more by reading the introduction to Zenman’s latest book, Kaizen-durance.

In the evenings, Shane also offers evening lecture/discussion sessions on topics like:

  • The Aging Athlete: Surrender, Struggle or Mastery?
  • The Fitness Cycle:  In Training and in Life
  • Elements of Neural Training
  • Your Personal GPS for Life
  • Ultra Experiences – Our coaches share their experiences of multi-day ultra events

Discover Your Aerobic Path to Mastery

through the

Four Vectors of Kaizen-durance