Four Vectors of Kaizen-durance Mastery

Here are four foundational principles of Kaizen-durance.  Book One of the Kaizen-durance Book Series offers a deeper introduction and guidelines for developing these to improve your endurance performances and experience.


Mindfulness: Your Key to Brilliance

Seeking to improve your performance?  Tap into your most powerful fitness resource:

Train your mind!  Your aerobic capacity is limited… and it’s diminishing with age.  But your awareness and attention are infinite.  Just how much awareness and attention are you willing to invest in each stroke and each stride on your way to the finish line?

Wake up!  There are no limits.


Neural Training: Beyond the Aerobic Wall

Tired of banging your head against the Aerobic Wall?  Reformat your training:

Focus on your neural system.  It’s your body-mind interface.  When you strengthen this incredible matrix, you can swim, bike and run faster, and go farther with less energy, less injury, less recovery and a greater sense of mastery.

Neural Fitness: There are no limits.


Kinetic Intelligence: Wisdom For the Athlete

Are you flogging your body by training the “old school” way of mind over matter?  Discover and engage your inner brilliance for breakthroughs:

Pursue  your highest endurance goals through kinetic intelligence.  Move with more precision, alignment, grace, efficiency and strength than you ever imagined by tapping into the wisdom of the master athlete.

Mind IN Matter: There are no limits


Alliance With Gravity: Effortless Power

Struggling for a breakthrough without injury?  Swim, bike and run with effortless power:

Master gravity sourced propulsion!  When you fight gravity with the forces of sheer will and exertion to get faster, you are sure to experience injury and burnout.  Yet, gravity is an infinite source of power that is available to you anywhere, anytime.  Are you ready to create a lifetime Alliance with Gravity that will empower you far beyond your perceived limits?

Effortless power: There are no limits.