Exercise: Mastery for Life

Make It Count!

How much time and energy do you devote to exercise?  Do you wonder if your devotion is too self-serving – especially if it means less time with family, or interruptions from work? 

Well, rest assured!  Your endurance-based exercise can go much farther than forging a stronger body.  It really can be a worthy investment for your mental, emotional and spiritual health & performance as well. 

Maximize the return on your investment:  Turn your daily exercise into a PRACTICE.

bib_circleThis won’t require any more time and energy than you already devote to the daily grind of your workouts.   But it will feel more like “flow” and less like grind – before, during and after.

Workout vs Practice: What’s the Difference?   

  • Your daily workout is the “get-it-done-now” on your To-Do List that keeps your body fit for one more day.  It’s the next mandatory step in your training plan towards your race goal. 
  • String together these daily workouts as a consistent and enduring practice to get long-term benefits that profoundly enhance the quality of your life and the lives of those around you.  How?  It’s all about…


We all strive for balance, harmony and empowerment – especially in our relationships, occupation, family, recreation.  In a single word, we all want mastery.  Endurance-based exercise is an effective practice to develop the skills of mastery we need.

I call this practice “Kaizen-durance”: Lifelong improvement – that’s mastery – through endurance-based exercise: Here’s the most important element of practice: Focus on mindfulness.  Why?

Mindfulness is the foundation of mastery. 

What is mindfulness? Mind fitness.

image-neural-training-b-600x400Instead of just working out and “hitting the numbers” (like heart rate, miles, minutes and watts) focus on the quality of each stroke and each stride.  Make each one count!!  Train your mind fitness while you train your physical fitness.  Live healthy, pursue mastery. 

The result?

  • More engaging and stimulating exercise
  • Less risk of injury and burnout
  • Increase efficiency and grace
  • Better performance – better numbers
  • A sharp, focused and highly functional mind
  • Increase return on your investment

To live healthy, master the Fitness Cycle.

The Fitness Cycle has three phases:

  • Stress
  • Recovery
  • Adaptation

All growth occurs through this cycle – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.  Like it or not, stress is the essential vector for growth. 

We pursue mastery most effectively by developing a healthy relationship with stress.

cheetah.jpgEach exercise session is an opportunity to strengthen your mental fitness and your skills of mastery.  Each session is an opportunity to forge your alliance with stress.

Problem:  “I can’t recover from stress.  My health is compromised.”

Solution: Transform your relationship with stress.  A Kaizen-durance approach to exercise empowers you to do this.

Maximize return on your aerobic investment.  When we approach the repetition of endurance-based exercise as a practice of mindful movement, our exercise doubles for both physical fitness and mind fitness.  Through exercise, we learn to master the Fitness Cycle and build life fitness.

Be here now.  There is no place else you can be but here and now: You can’t be in the past.  You can’t be in the future. And, you can’t be anywhere else but where you are.  Mind fitness is your capacity to invest and engage all facets of your attention with what is arising here and now. 

Want to be brilliant? Be here now.

Get Started Now!

CLT StartOver the past four decades, I have developed and used this kaizen-durance approach with great results – as an athlete, as an educator, and as a whole, healthy human being.  I have also devoted considerable time and energy developing a method and writing a series of books to support you in your pursuit of life fitness and mastery.

Start with Book One of the Kaizen-durance series.  It’s a short, entertaining and easy-to-read guide that will inspire and orient you.

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