Swim Video Analysis

It’s all about efficiency.

In just 30 minutes, you can see where you excel and where you can improve your freestyle swim technique.  Here’s the facts:

  • Novice swimmers are 1-3% efficient
  • World-class swimmers are 9-10% efficient
  • Dolphins are 90% efficient

Improve your efficiency by a single percentage point, and you may improve your swimming performance by 50% or more.

Swim Vid1

Efficiency is…

  • Balance
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Propulsion

The Service

  • TI Master Coach Shane Eversfield records video both above and below water surface, from the side and from the front
  • Using Coach’s Eye software he can show a side-by-side comparison of above and below surface to understand the relationship between what happens above and below
  • Drawing on the screen, he evaluates your balance and hydrodynamics, and the effectiveness of your propulsion – during both non-breathing and breathing strokes
  • Shane offers suggestions on how to improve your efficiency
  • He emails links to the videos with recorded commentary

Swim Vid2


  • $69 for individual
  • $59 each for athletes who sign-up and schedule service at the same time
  • Further discounts available for larger groups


Island Health and Fitness, Ithaca, NY

To Schedule:

Email Shane