Saturday Outdoor Cycling Lab

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Efficient Technique and Handling Skills Parts 1&2

Saturdays: 05 May, 12 May: Meet at Island Side Entrance

A great introduction to road cycling for novices.  A great opportunity to improve handling skills for novice and intermediate triathletes and road cyclists.


Explore cycling skills in the safety of a recreation trail and a parking lot:

– Posture, alignment, biomechanics

– Riding positions and technique for efficiency, stability, comfort and safety

– Mounting, dismounting

– Cornering and turning skills

– Riding the line

– Pedaling drills and establishing ideal cadence range

– Braking skills

Please see “Requirements for All Outdoor Cycling Clinics” below for registration and fee information

Saturdays: 26 May, 02 June

 Hill Climbing: Parts 1&2: (Registrants will be notified of location)

Video27 Foreaft climbing 029

On hills that range from gentle-to-moderate (Part 1), and then moderate-to-challenging (Part 2), we explore:

– Efficient climbing with the ability to regulate aerobic intensity and climb sustainably

– Posture, alignment, biomechanics

– Riding positions for climbing

– Pedaling skills for climbing

– Selecting gears and pedaling cadence for seated and standing climbing

– Climbing techniques for gradual and steep climbs, short and sustained


Date TBD:  Triathlon Cycling Skills

Slip shoe on2

Explore triathlon cycling skills in the safety of a parking lot:

– Aero-bar handling skills – straight line and turning/cornering

– Riding positions for aero

– Fast mounting/dismounting

– Shoe entry and exit (shoes on bike)

– Safe bottle hand-offs


Requirements for All Outdoor Cycling Lab Clinics

  • Register with Front Desk at Island Health and Fitness (including waiver forms)
  • Adequately maintained road, triathlon or hybrid bike with tires at recommended pressure, brakes and gears in working order
  • Helmet
  • Clothes appropriate for weather
  • Bike shoes and clip-less pedals recommended but not required
  • Must attend Part 1 of a series in order to attend Part 2 (or consent of instructor)

Outdoor Cycling Lab Fee Structure:

  • Complete Program (4 Sessions): $70 Island Members, $85 Non-Members
  • Drop-in per Clinic: $20 Island Members, $22 Non-Members


Field Tested 

Over the past decade, Shane Eversfield has developed and refined this format through Zendurance Cycling.  As an athlete he has tested and applied these methods, successfully finishing ultra triathlon events with bike distances up to 400 miles.  (See: Moving Beyond A.L.S.)

In 2013, he also completed Wilderness 101 – a 101-mile mountain bike race on a hardtail… without injury.  (Whew!!  A remarkable achievement given his limited MTB technical skills.)


In 2015, he completed the Oregon Double Iron – 18-19 July.  This event included a 224-mile bike leg with 14,000 feet of climbing.  He was the oldest finisher.  Two weeks later he placed 3rd in AG at Cayuga Lake Triathlon.  (Photo)